Leyland Viking V3.5 (1.30-1.32)

Description : 
Please note that this will only support in 1.30 (1.31-32 not tested)

Mod is not 100 % perfect. 

Because of my less free time i couldn’t finish all the things i wanted to add to this mod. 

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13 Responses

  1. bro install cheyyumbol trial version expired ennu parayunnu

  2. bashir says:

    “trial version expired”
    bro ath fix ayeeelaa
    please fix bro

  3. ali says:

    bro plz make ashok leyland truck lorry mod plz bro i request

  4. sreerag raveendran says:

    bro ithil oru skin mathre add cheyyan pattu

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