Euro Truck Simulator Game Download Version 1.30 [Original Repacked]

1.30 link if you are troubling with anyy error mail to me pinne ika ikede pic anu use chyethe sorry
Thumbnail Credits – Kerala Bus Design

REPLY. ithinentha problem ? ethu pic use cheythal entha

  • Submitter Name: rajanraj
  • Submitter Email:

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30 Responses

  1. rajanraj says:

    alla maatoralude work edukunath thettayond credits koduthatha

  2. Safvan says:

    Bro v1.30 ഈ gameൽ full dlc undo

  3. AMALNATH says:

    Bro can you provide both the above links of the ets2 1.30 and 1.31 as torrent link so i can download it easily please bro

  4. Chaitan bhai says:

    Nice game

  5. Kamal says:


  6. Vijay Ajay Gaurav says:

    Very good

  7. man says:

    bro ethu ets2 game full dowload link ano??????

  8. mishal says:

    bro ithil ella DLC yum indoo

  9. Abhijith says:

    Bro oru dbt njan innale 1.31 install cheythu apo 1.31 mikyathinum athinte fix vende appo ee 1.31 use cheyunnathin advantage vallathum undo ippo 1.30 use cheythal fix onm vendallo ithinte advantage entha rnn onn parayavo njan rtho oru video il 1.31 aa install vryunne better enn kandu atha entha ise enn paranju taravo.???

  10. Sohag rana says:


  11. harisanker says:

    Eth egane download akune kure noki patunila

  12. eric says:

    hey its claiming to miss a file,on installation

  13. techylist says:

    Euro Truck Simulator Game Download Version 1.30 [Original Repacked] is a great game. I love playing it.

  14. Pranav says:

    Game full error aanu extract akunilla 🙂

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